Today, being the Sunday that our church celebrated the 500th anniversary  of the Reformation, we got a nice treat in our morning worship service. Our church’s accompanist shared with us a piece she has been working on for a few years, Bach’s Prelude and Fugue in G minor, BWV 535. It was… nothing short of amazing.

When she started playing I was stunned. Particularly at the fact that before she started playing for our church years ago, she had never played the organ before. Well, years of lessons are definitely paying off! The progress she has made is astounding, and her talent is on a level far beyond anything I could muster.

It was also really nice to hear the church’s organ playing something more than just the hymns we hear, week in and week out. As she was playing I was watching other people and I was delighted to see some of the young kids keeping time by nodding heads, or patting hands. Some people sat with closed eyes, soaking it up. I couldn’t help but nod my own head, tap my foot and other such nonsense I’m known to do while listening to music. It was really engaging and truly beautiful.

It also was a bit convicting. I sat there thinking about how my own talent has completely stagnated over the years. I’m thinking once I get a job (whether or not it be in organ building), I’m going to seriously consider taking up lessons again… I should…

In the meantime I wish to thank Janelle for her musical gift to the church this morning. It was simply amazing and delightful! Bravo!