…is about as exciting as watching paint dry. But the flip side is that the main frame of the façade is together!


My brother-in-law and I got quite a bit accomplished the other day. We finished chiseling out all the spots where the detailed lattice work will go, and were able to glue up the main frame. It was not all fun and games though, as we started gluing and squaring up the frame we realized (in good time) that we had the far right uprights flipped with the far left! It was one of those “Oh SH–!!!” moments, when I realized the huge mistake we had made. Some of the pieces needed a little convincing with a mallet to come apart but we were able to salvage the project and get it glued up correctly.

It really feels like we’re getting somewhere with this, now that we’ve got some of this project glued together. The next step is to start in on the decorative lattice work that will occupy the seven openings of this frame. Then we need to build the “alcove” where the music desk will go. After that, the two side panels that will go from floor to nearly the ceiling when finished.

When you put it in those terms it sounds like we’re nearly done, we’re not. However, this progress has made my brother-in-law quite anxious to get cracking on this. I think he just hates having unfinished projects lying around. I can’t say I blame him. I have to figure out some final dimensions so he can get some things prepared ahead of time for the next time I come down and work.

I’m really proud of how this whole thing is turning out, with much help and thanks to my brother-in-law!

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